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The main activity

The main activity of “Energotehna” Ltd. Novi Sad, are the works in the field of building energy facilities.

  • Construction of pipelines, oil pipelines, water supply pipes and all kinds of tubing
  • Construction and reconstruction of the warehouse for oil and petroleum products
  • Construction of the plant for processing oil and petroleum products
  • Production of heat exchangers, metering Skid, filtering stations, facilities for fire protection
  • Fabrication and repair of cylindrical and spherical tanks
  • The design of power plants, pipelines and heating pipelines
  • Supervision of works
  • Testing laboratory
  • Civil Engineering Works

Operation of the company is determined by established procedures that are aimed at systematization and streamlining the management, continuous improvement of work, training and education of workers and safety.

Iso standard

ISO 9001:2008 Integrated Management System

SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006 Laboratory testing of pipelines and pressure vessels


P032M1 ,I031M1, I030M1 License for construction and design of thermal power, processing and gas installations on facilities for the production and processing of oil and gas, international and main gas and oil pipelines for transport, gas pipelines of nominal pressure over 16 bar if pass through at least two municipalities, warehouses, oil and gas petroleum products capacity of over 500 tons and the main and regional heating system.

A team of mechanical and civil engineers with extensive experience in building
energy facilities, is ready at any moment to respond with knowledge, speed and quality to all the tasks set before them.

Certified welders, trained handlers and other workers make sure that each job is complete as soon as possible and with the highest possible quality.
Equipment and Materials by renowned manufacturers that we use guarantee quality and long service life of buildings that we build.