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Laboratory and hot-tap

Laboratory and hot-tap


Within the frame of Energotehna Ltd. an organizational part Energotehna Laboratory exists.
Energotehna Laboratory has authorization for test activities under ISO / IEC 17025:2006 demands issued by the Accreditation Board of Serbia-ATS.

Accreditation refers to the following::

  • Testing of pressure vessels
  • Testing of the pipeline on the strength and permeability
  • Testing on porosity of pipe insulation

All the above tests shall be performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025:2006 and related laws and regulations.

Technical and human resources of this company’s organizational unit, creates an environment for professional, high-quality and not biased conduct transactions in order to fulfill the demands and expectations of our customers.

Akreditaciono telo Srbije

Special works Hot-Tapping joints

Hot tap prikljucak

We make connections of new consumers to the existing gas pipeline in exploitation, without stopping the gas supply to other consumers.

  • We make hot tapping connections of under pressure pipeline up to 16 bar, the size up to DN100
  • Upon request, we can make it at larger dimensions and pressure
  • Used in gas and oil pipelines, district heating systems, plumbing and all other pipelines

The advantages of Hot tapping:

  • There is no suspension of the energy
  • There is no cost to the discharge piping
  • No need for inertisation of pipeline
  • There is no need to announce delays in delivery of gas
  • The time required for the works is 3 hours from the time of access to the site
  • Warm connections can be made on steel, polyethylene, GRE, concrete and other pipes

In the hot terminal the blocking valve is instlalled which also serves as a sectional valve.
Welds on the hot terminal are recorded radiographically, and the warm connection is tested at 25 bar.
Without risk, with minimal cost and in a short time we will provide a connection for a new consumer to the existing network.

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